The power of community

Why joining a campus club is definitely for you.

By: Alexandra Coultrup and Rebekah Duntz
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Joining a campus club at Florida Tech was one of the best decisions I made in college.

My second week here, I dubiously attended my first meeting at the Crimson, not sure what I’d find. Within the semester, I was covering breaking news and helping make key decisions about the paper. Together, the Crimson staff and I have shared countless hours travelling, laughing, brainstorming and just enjoying the college experience.

Because I decided to timidly walk into a room full of strangers that day, I’ve been able to pursue my passion with people who share it.
A campus club revolutionized my college experience. Here are my top five reasons you should consider joining one, too!

1­ Meeting people
Clubs are great for meeting people! Chances are, the people in your club will share your interests, which is great for expanding your circle of long­term friends beyond just classmates and students in your orientation group.

2­ Expanding your horizons
With a NUMBER campus clubs available at Florida Tech, why not join one focused on a topic you’re interested in knowing more about, but haven’t been involved with before? Stepping outside your comfort zone may just get you in touch with a passion you didn’t even know you had!

3­ Growing leadership and/ or teamwork skills
Being part of a club means you’ll get to interact with people you might not always see eye­to­ eye with, especially if you serve a leadership position such as president or treasurer. Learning to function peacefully alongside them while working toward a common goal is a skill you’ll be glad to have learned in college, not later on the job.

4­ Learning stuff
Whatever kind of club you choose to join, you’re certain to be exposed to new ideas, thanks to the people around you. Every club has a faculty adviser and is typically someone who instructs in a field related to the club’s focus. Plus, the upperclassmen already in your club make great resources for advice, been­there­done­that­wrong lessons, and maybe even textbooks.

5­ Doing stuff together
All official campus clubs receive funding from the Student Activities Funding Committee, or SAFC for short. These funds go toward hosting events relevant to your club’s interests. Plus, the more things you do, the more valuable resume material you have!

I can imagine what my college memories would be like without the people I met by getting involved on campus, but it’s not nearly as great as real life.

College is a time to find people you’re interested in doing life with, people who you can be friends with even outside of official club functions. Finding the community of people you truly click with and trust can be the key to balancing the horrors of academic life with a healthy social scene.

Getting the most out of your Florida Tech experience is definitely for you. Joining a campus club is definitely for you.