Catch Me if You Can

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As part of homecoming festivities College Players performed their rendition of Catch Me If You Can last Wednesday.

The play began on time with a brief explanation from the actor playing the lead role, after which the curtains opened with lights shining on the stage, and the acting began!

The musical tells the story of Frank Abagnale Jr. and how he became a millionaire before his 18th birthday. When his parents get divorced and his father loses everything, young and traumatized Frank runs away to Manhattan vowing to regain his father’s loss.

By writing fake checks and tricking people, he gains a fortune and poses as a pilot, a pediatrician, and an attorney. Of course his actions do not stay unnoticed and four FBI agents start to follow him on his road to millionaire status, lead by Carl Hanratty who vows to catch Frank.

Even though he gets close to being caught on numerous occasions, he is always one step ahead and stays safe. This fight between them continues until the very end, when Carl catches Frank and sentences him to prison although he then helps him to get out and the two become friends.

It was a lovely musical performed by an energetic cast, and it consisted of a range of people from different backgrounds and talents.

The stage was decorated in the most efficient way and the lighting was planned according to each scene. The only problem was how the sound of the music suppressed the voice of the actors and made it hard to understand what they are saying at times.
Overall, Catch Me If You Can was an enjoyable play that everyone could enjoy and laugh along the way while listening to the unbelievable story of an adventurous teenager.