Florida Tech ranked among most militarized universities in the U.S.

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In a list released on Nov. 6, Vice News declared Florida Tech 64th in a list it compiled of the 100 most militarized universities in America.

The list was created to address the information and intelligence shift that is occurring in conflicts worldwide away from the traditional model of war and toward more powerful technologies and information.

The list evaluates the schools on a number of factors that included measuring the amount of money placed in university labs by United States intelligence agencies, administrators with ties to federal agencies, and finally the educational backgrounds of 1.4 million people working in the intelligence community.

The report not only identified the schools with the strongest presence in the defense industry, but also the academic majors that are most common among top-secret workers. Florida Tech offers some form of all of the top 10 majors except political science, and a large percentage of students attempt these degrees.

Particularly, Vice News identified the criminal justice major with a focus on homeland security as being particularly popular with security guards and bureaucrats. The demand for knowledge in technology is one of the major reasons that students choose to study at Florida Tech, and a job in the intelligence community is an exciting prospect to many students.

Florida Tech ranked 47th in top-secret employment and 62nd in national security funding. Florida Tech’s two government affiliations are the US Army Reserve Officer Training Corp, and the National Security Agency.

The ROTC program is an elective curriculum through which students earn their Army officer’s commission while attending classes at a university.

The NSA, which has come under fire recently for allegedly being used as a domestic spying organization, is responsible for monitoring data and information for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence.

The manifestation of the NSA at Florida Tech is the Harris Institute for Assured Information. HIAI opened in October 2009, and has been working on a grant from Harris Corporation to produce behavioral virus detection, a spyware resistant virtual keyboard and various other research projects designed to improve trust in information.

In a constantly evolving, ever-connected world, the art of war still relies upon the element of surprise. The new surprise though will not be an ambush or a raid, but a hack, a computer virus, or a power-grid blackout.

In this respect, Florida Tech is teaching and training its students to be prepared and to succeed in these information wars.