CAPS Group Therapy Programs

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What is group counseling?
Group counseling is a type of support service in which a small number of people come together under the guidance of a professionally trained therapist to help themselves and one another. In group, not only do students receive tremendous understanding, support and encouragement from group therapists but also from peers facing similar issues. Students can also gain different perspectives, ideas, information and viewpoints on the issues and concerns they are struggling to deal with. Some of the groups offered have a specific topic or theme with an information/support focus. Other groups, such as the Relationship Support Group, are a more traditional “therapy” experience providing a powerful vehicle for growth and change regarding interpersonal relationships. All of the groups are intended to help students who would like to gain support, increase self­awareness, and learn new ways to cope with personal or interpersonal challenges. All of the group sessions are free and available to registered students of Florida Tech.

Do I choose group or individual counseling?
For many students, attending group counseling can be more effective and help produce more rapid changes compared to individual counseling. Having the chance to work through problems with professionally trained therapists and the learning opportunities gained from peers who share similar concerns are what make groups special. Group counseling has been shown to be an effective, and sometimes a preferred, treatment option for many issues students are facing.

How do I sign up for group counseling?
For most groups, if you are interested, just come to the location specified for the group(s) of your choice on the day and time indicated. Groups may get filled, so if you want to reserve your spot in group, call CAPS 321­674­8050 or email [email protected] Please note: for the Relationship Support Group, please contact CAPS to schedule a 30­minute group screening prior to attending the group. Unlike the other more educational and support groups, this group is a therapy group and the screening is held to make sure your concerns are best suited for participation in the group.

Is group counseling confidential?
Group therapists will keep information shared in group counseling confidential, and students who participate in group counseling have agreed to maintain confidentiality. Group members will be asked to sign a confidentiality statement before they are able to participate in group. This means it is agreed that the privacy of all group members and the information shared will be respected, and no such information will be shared with someone who is not in the group. In other words, “what is said in group, stays in the group!”

International Student Group: Tuesdays, 11a.m. — 12p.m. (beginning 8/18/15)
Join us to discuss adjustment to a new culture, homesickness, life in the US and other social/cultural challenges of being an international student!

Social Confidence Group: Wednesdays, 4 — 5 p.m. (beginning 9/2/15)
Come discuss common concerns regarding social anxiety and the challenges in your life. Learn ways to manage stress, increase communication/conversation skills and perspective­taking, cope with relationship issues and more!

Emotional Wellness Group: Thursdays, 7 — 8p.m. (beginning 9/3/15)
Share concerns related to your emotional and physical wellness, reduce stress and anxiety, and learn healthy coping skills! Acquire practical, healthy methods for improving your self­care and sense of well­ being.

Relationship Support Group: Fridays, 1 — 2 p.m. (beginning 9/4/15)
Get support by listening to peers along with the guidance of CAPS’ staff and sharing your relationship challenges in a safe and confidential setting to help improve and navigate your complex relationships! This group requires pre­registration, contact CAPS to schedule an appointment.

For more information, contact CAPS at 321­674­8050 or visit CAPS’ website at:

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