Review: Curtains by College Players

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It’s Curtains!…

The musical.  College Players put on a show in the Gleason Performing Arts Center on April 1…  A show about putting on a show.

Curtains is a comedy musical with the plot of a mystery. It follows one Boston Detective and self-proclaimed musical theatre connoisseur, Lieutenant Frank Cioffi, as he tries to solve the murder of the untalented and generally disliked leading star of a fading musical.

The investigation leads Cioffi placing the entire company under house arrest in the theatre as he attempts to locate the murderer.  Drama and romances unfold humorously as the cast grow wary of each other, all while attempting to continue on with the show.

Despite a meager audience of roughly 15 attendees, the performance was conducted well by the cast.  The musical performances were bolstered by the remarkable acting skills.  

Thomas Kearns, a senior in the physics department, portrayed the lead character Frank Cioffi. Kearns provided a unique representation that had the audience laughing as he seamlessly worked from one scene to the next.

During several of the musical performances, the cast and the band seemed to lose track of the beat; however, they were corrected discreetly and continued to give an entertaining performance.  

Overall, Curtains is a show worth seeing for a good laugh and thrilling mystery.

College Players performed the show again on April 7, 8, and 9, all at 8 p.m. Tickets were $10 for general admission, $5 for seniors and those with military ID, and free for anyone with a Florida Tech ID.