Tijuana Flats Coming to 192

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The hip Mexican chain restaurant Tijuana Flats is coming to the corner of Babcock Street and 192, within a mile of Florida Tech.

The restaurant is expected to open mid-November, most likely on the 16th. It will be located on the busy intersection across from CVS, and next to iFix Galaxy. It’s close enough that college students will be able to grab a bite to eat in between classes, or at the end of a long day, with about a five-minute drive from campus.

Another version of Chipotle? Not according to the head manager, Joe Woolever, at the company’s corporate store located on Lake Andrew Drive in Melbourne.

“Primarily our atmosphere is what makes us different from other restaurants,” Woolever said. “The idea here is to have fun. Everyone here is different, and we embrace individuality.”

One can sense the creativity when walking through the restaurant’s door. Each location is famous for their colorful muraled walls and extensive bar of hot sauces.

“There are lots of things to consider when asking what makes us different. We have fresh music, a lot of interaction with the customers and quality fresh food all combined,” Woolever said.

When asked about expanding and growing the business even more, Woolever said he’s not 100 percent sure yet, they do plan on moving at a much faster rate than ever before.

From starting with a UCF college graduate with one location in Winter Park, Florida, to multiplying to 100 restaurants in six states, Tijuana Flats seems its on the way to fame.

Students appear interested in the new place.

“They are completely different than Chipotle,” said Nicole Ward, a sophomore in forensic psychology. “Tijuana Flats is more of an extremely casual diner rather than just a burrito place. I think they will be successful at this location because they are pretty affordable.”

Only time will tell if its legacy continues on and spreads to Florida Tech.