Yik Yak posts about Gleason’s death prove untrue

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The Yik Yak posts that sent much of the campus community into confusion and grief were proven untrue at about 5 p.m. on Oct. 2.

At around noon, anonymous location-based app Yik Yak blew up with posts about Gleason, the campus’ beloved feral cat usually seen around WFIT, being hit and killed outside Crawford Science Tower.

The posts began with a person ‘admitting’ he hit a cat outside Crawford, and they escalated from there. Yik Yak has been filled with posts about the cat all day.

Another anonymous poster claimed he or she had been a witness to the incident, that a red mustang hit the animal; and still another poster claimed Facilities picked up the dead body and disposed of it.


Facilities Operations confirmed they did not received any reports of any dead animals on campus, according to Carlos Rivera, lead groundskeeper at Florida Tech.

Security also confirmed they did not receive any reports of any incidents on campus where an animal was hit.

“We’ve got five officers out there, if that would have happened today, they would have instantly heard of it,” Sgt. David Cash said. “If it would have happened, we would have called either Animal Control, or Greg Peebles’ office or Grounds.”

Perhaps this is the trouble with anonymous-based mobile applications.